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Airfield Oxygen Distributor

Machine – Airfield Oxygen Distributor was designed and manufactured by our Customer – Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology – WCBKT S.A.

The device is intended for oxygen supply to internal systems of military and civil aircrafts. The machine is equipped with vessels for purchasing oxygen from external oxygen generator and possesses compressor for supplying the oxygen to aircraft. It has also electric power generator for independent supply of compressor. For ease of movement on airport it have been built on twin axis trailer with overrun brake.

One of such machines is used to service fighters at the military airport in Malbork.

INBIURO team has developed a complete analysis of compliance with the essential requirements of EC directives:

  • Machinery Directive - MD - 2006/42/WE,
  • Low Voltage Directive - LVD - 2006/95/WE,
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive - EMC - 2004/108/WE.
  • Pressure Equipment Directive - PED - 97/23/WE
  • and standard EN 12312-18 Aircraft ground support equipment. Specific requirements. - Part 18: Nitrogen or Oxygen units

Regarding to directive PED we engaged a Notified Body – UDT-CERT as independent certifier that approved our technical file and approved the machine in accordance with PED.

Machine has been CE marked.

More information can be found on the manufacturer's website: www.wcbkt.pl/

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