Slewing ring

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INBIURO is technical and sales representative of the bearing and drive manufacturer TECMA
We can deliver slew bearing with prameters:

  • diameter 144mm up to 3800mm
  • design as silgle or double row ball bearing or cross roller bearing
  • material C45, 42CrMo4 and even 46CrMo4
  • equipped with external or internal teeth or without teeth
  • hardened teeth upon request
  • anti rust protection
  • special seal protection
  • preload upon request

Inbiuro can deliver slew drives with paramters:

  • Driven by one or double worm screw
  • Running circle diameter up to 800mm
  • 360° full swivel range
  • Max. Static torques up to 190KNm
  • Axial load up to 2400KN
  • Tilt moment load up to 350KNm
  • Work temperature ranges: -30°C do +80°C
  • Easy maintenace and quick assembly
  • Prepared for manual actuation
  • Prepared to assembly encoder
  • Smooth and precise movement
  • Secure design due to full encapsulation

We can offer technical suport on product selection. On request we can select the right motor, emergency brake and encoder for your application.


Types and design

Differently from normal bearings (where the ring is pressed on the shaft of pressed into a whole) the rings of slewing bearings are bolted to machine parts. Depending on the purpose, the outer or inner ring can be made with a gear enabling transmission of power. There are also slewing rings without gear.

External teeth slewing ring
Internal teeth slewing rings
Without teeth slewing rings

The holes made in the rings allow them to be connected to machine components, allowing their relative rotation. The rings can have through holes, blind or threaded holes. The variety of the shapes of the rings and the methods of their mounting allow the wide use and adaptation of the bearing to the application.

Without teeth slewing rings
Without teeth slewing rings

Slewing bearings enable to carry of high axial loads and moments. They are widely used in industry as well as in working machines and cranes. The bearings can be equipped with seals that allow to operate in difficult conditions or in dusty environment. Depending on the needs and application, the sealing may have different cross-sections and characteristics. Bearings require periodic lubrication. For this purpose, the rings are equiped with grease nipples.

he bearing rings are made of steel and the raceways are hardened by induction hardening. Rolling elements can be balls or rollers. Balls are used in low and medium load bearings. Ball bearings can be single or double row. The rolling elements in high load bearings are usually rollers. Plastic separators are placed between the rolling elements. For special designs, steel, aluminium or brass cages can be used.

Internal teeth slewing rings
Internal teeth slewing rings with rollers
Internal teeth slewing rings with double row

When selecting a bearing, one must take into account all axial and radial loads on the bearing. In addition, the moments acting on the bearing must be also considered. The value of safety factor depends on the application in which the bearing is to be used.

Typical applications

wind turbineswind turbines
rotating platformsrotating platforms
forestry machinesforestry machines
harbour liftharbour lifts
aerial platformsaerial platforms
chargers and manipulatorschargers and manipulators

Slewing drives

Slewing bearings can be provided as a part of drive modules equipped with gearbox and housing. Such a module can be connected to a motor and used in industrial application or machine. As a drive one can use AC or DC electric motor or hydraulic motor as well.

Industrial sector slew drives
Solar sector slew drives

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