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We are qualified and experienced Chartered Engineers (MEng and MSc). Our team is managed and lead by Tomasz Sienczak, post graduate Master (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering, experienced in power generation (Alstom - turbines) and variety of lifting hydraulic machinery and automation. 
We use the latest internet techniques to engage any specialists from around the world to solve our customer's specific design projects. We have mechanical engineers, hydraulic engineers, FEA specialists, electrics and control engineers specialized in various kinds of machinery. 


We have established our business to provide engineering services to small to large manufacturing companies focused on improving their production by innovative bespoke solutions and extend their offer by new products. If you come from production comapny that don't posess its own engineering team because it is not needed for everyday work, we are for providing engineering for for you. Also, if you represent company that posess its engineering team but technical problem doesn't match to your specialisation, we will help you to sort it. You don't need to incur regular costs of your own engineering team if you are machinery or parts manufacturer. We are to serve you wide scope of engineering.
Discover advantages of engineering outsource while you can spend your time to your manufacturing.


The best way to start is emailing to us with youe task description. If that is a machina that you are able to describe, please describe it with its intended use.

If you just have a process or product the new machine is intended to do, send us description of the task or the product. Any samples are very helpfull to analyze the project.

If you are a manufacturer of machines and you need a new model of desired parameters to be designed for your production, please describe your product and desired parameters.


We have a number of well qualified and trusted manufacturing partners in Poland and hence we are able to recommend you a reliable suppliers of standard products or bespoke products acc. to your design conditions. We can also recommend suppliers of machinery subassemblies or entire machines.

Some of our strongest branches are mobile elevating work platforms ( new or professionally refurbished ) installed on light or heavy commercial vehicles as well as on road-rail vehicles of various types and sizes.

If you are in Poland or at any location worldwide and you need local technical support in United Kingdom we are for you. Should you be in need of engineer to collect technical data, dimensions, machine technical condition check and report it to you, contact us.


  1. Project technical conditions need to be specified by Customer
  2. We need to agree a concept, clarify details of project conditions and finally we can propose you a price, 
  3. We are preparing an agreement
  4. We are doing project in close contact with Customer.

Zögern Sie nicht, uns eine E-Mail mit Ihren Fragen zu senden, auch wenn Sie gerade ein Projekt in Betracht ziehen. Es kostet dich nichts.

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