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Bulk loading bucket

Clamshell loading bucket is designed to move loose materials such as coal, sand, cereal etc. Three dimensional virtual model allowed to particularly analyze the shape of construction and its operating in work.

Investigations of virtual prototype allowed to design proper oil actuators and solve operational parameters (forces, speed, oil volume flow).

Complete technical drawings documentation was made for manufacturing technology improving. DXF files were prepared for cutting steel sheets by water stream or laser beam. Due to effective use of computer techniques an assembly drawing was made which makes it easier, and improves communication with customer regarding spare parts.

Construction consists of two buckets, which are set in motion by two hydraulic actuators. Loading bucket capacity is 1,6m3. The construction of buckets is enhanced with longitudinal and transverse ribs, which ensure its resistance to destruction. Leading edges are made of abrasion-resistant steel Hardox400 or ROC500 which greatly increases the periods between repairs. Power transmission is executed with specially fitted levers that ensure synchronization of the opening and closing buckets. Pins with a special lubrication system provide long-term, safe and failure-free operation.

Loading bucket for loose materials

The bucket is designed to operating with rotating mechanism (rotator) by delivered by Indexator and can be used with different types of loading machines.

The loading bucket falls under the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Full documentation EC was developed with the declaration of conformity and analysis of potential risks. Product is marked with CE sign.

We are ready to design equipment for your individual special needs adapted for any machine. You are welcome.

bukl materials bucket design
design Loading bucket bulk materials
Loading Bucket design hydraulic
hydraulic Loading bucket design

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