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Heavy Work Platform - Railways' catenary service vehicle


Another of our projects of mobile machines is a series of special vehicles – aerial work platforms - on truck chassis designated as service vechicle for railways' catenary lines;

Renault Midlum (DMC 15 T and DMC 18T) - vehicle with a cab of two rows of seats, equipped with a swivel arm with an electrically insulated wooden work platform.


  • Max power: 195 kW at 2300 rpm.
  • Max torque : 1010 Nm since 1200 till 1800 rpm.
  • Diesel, 6 cylinders in row - 4 valves per cylinder – rear camshaft, High pressure direct injection system - Common Rail 1700 bar.
  • Displacement capacity 7.2 litre
  • Turbo charged
  • Work platform capcity - 450 kg (3 people + equipment)
  • Work platform height - 7 m
  • Operational height - 9 m (7+2)
  • Side outreach - 7,0 m
  • Platform electrical insulation - 3 kV
  • The vehicle 4 door’s cabin has space for 7 people (6 + driver) and is pneumatically cushioned.

The frame of the vehicle is equipped with elevating arm supported on a rotating column and has a working platform for 3 people + tools on its higher end. The working platform is installed on a swivel bearing with a hydraulic drive that allows it to be rotated continuously around the vertical axis. It also has floor lighting for night work. Floor lighting is powered by a 12V battery placed under the floor and has no electrical connection to the vehicle in order to ensure effective and safe electrical insulation of the platform.

The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 5 kph with a platform raised up to a height of 4.5 m and with people on the platform. While driving, the platform can be rotated, which allows the side extension up to 3.3 m. The elevating boom rotation is blocked while vehicle drive. When traveling with the platform raised, the wheel suspension is stiffened with hydraulic locks to increase the stability of the vehicle. When normal driving over long distances without workers on the platform, the arm and platform are placed in the transport position at the rear of the vehicle and the working platform barriers’ are folded down to the floor. The overall height of the vehicle is 3.5 m (at transport position). In the rear part of the vehicle frame there are built-in tool cabinets at both sides and a power generator (in the cabinet).

heavy work platform 02

The entrance to the platform is also electrically insulated and made of oak wood (steps and platform on cabinets).

Four hydraulic stabilizers of the chassis remains in the outer contour of the vehicle during boom operation and do not violate the adjacent drive lane. When working on stabilizers, the boom can be rotated perpendicularly to the vehicle axis, which, combined with the rotation of the working platform, gives a working outreach of 7.3 m (max. Column rotation up to 100 degrees from the transport position).

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