Stretcher dryer

The machine is used for continuous (through) stretching and drying of honey-comb paper which is the raw material for production furniture boards and door wings. A semi-finished cardboard product in the humidity condition is set in a box in front of the machine entry table.

The cardboard is formed on the width by two tin guides and stretched by comb on the entry table. During the passing through the machine, the cardboard is heating by sixteen heaters (each with power of 1kW).

Strip of cardboard is shifted by sliding rollers on the entry and outlet side (look at the pictures below). Rollers are driven by gear-motor powered by an inverter, which makes possible step-less control of the feed speed. Temperature and feed speed are inflicted by an operator (depending on the cardboard humidity) and controlled by PLC. Dried cardboard slides to the table on the outlet side of the dryer. After it reaches the limit switch it stops and is ready to cut away.

Stretcher dryer expander panel
Stretcher dryer expander
Stretcher dryer expander 02
Stretcher dryer expander 03

Stretcher dryer expander schema

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