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Loading Crane with Work Platform

The next in the series of lifts is a multifunctional machine - CRANE WITH BASKET. The prototype of the machine was built on an IVECO chassis and consists of HDS loading crane arm with a detachable basket. The final machine has the functions of: loading crane, aerial platform and working arm to which you can install various types of devices connected with a hydraulic drive (grippers, buckets, drilling rigs ...)

Due to the multifunctionality of the machine, it is subject to a number of directives and in short - to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC (MD), to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108 / EC (EC), the Noise Directive 2000/14 / EC (Noise) as amended 2005/88 / EC. Radio equipment is also included in the machine's equipment option, which significantly increases the ease of use and with this equipment the machine meets the requirements of Directive 1999/5 / EC concerning telecommunications terminal equipment and radio equipment (R&TTE).

104dbIn accordance with the requirements of the Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, the machine meets the guaranteed noise level of 104dB (A) and has been provided with an appropriate information sign.

The design also meets the requirements of standards specific to this structure i.e. EN 12999 - Cranes. Loading cranes and EN 280 - Mobile movable platforms. Design calculations. Stability criteria. Building. Security. Research and tests.

The hydraulic system of the machine is powered by a gear pump driven from the chassis motor power output PTO. Safe construction and all protecting devices/sensors (against overturning, overloading, cutting ... etc.) required by the applied standards have been applied. The attachable basket is intended for lifting two people with tools.

Both, loading cranes and aerial work platforms are the subject of Machinery Directive but only the work platforms are covered by Annex IV of the Directive for which we have followed type examination procedure involving a notified.

The machine has successfully passed the type examination carried out by the Italian notified body CENPI. The machine received a Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of the Community Directives and was marked with the CE mark.

Loading Crane with Work Platform

Loading Crane with Work Platform 02
Loading Crane with Work Platform 03
Loading Crane with Work Platform 04
Loading Crane with Work Platform 05

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