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Scrap grapple

Grasper is designed mainly to scrap, but also well suited to various type of waste.

Construction consists of five fingers mounted pivotally mounted in the cast column which are closing by actuators. The movement of actuators and fingers is not synchronized. This allows independent of their closing on irregularly shaped objects (eg car body), even if one of them hits the object before. Fingers are ended with massive molded cogs that are resistant to destruction.The grasper is designed to operating with rotating mechanism (rotator) by delivered by Indexator and can be used with different types of loading machines.

The grasper falls under the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Full documentation EC was developed with the declaration of conformity and analysis of potential risks. Product is marked with CE sign.

In collaboration with our experienced and well-equipped workshops, we offer design and implementation of grapples, buckets, booms and all other devices and components for building machinery. Welcome.

Scrap_grapple_CE mark
CE marking scrap grapple hydraulic
scrap grapple 02
scrap grapple design 03

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