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Telescopic Aerial Platform

Telescopic aerial platform (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) is designed in three versions of working height: 14m, 16m and 18m, to be installed on the frame chassis of permissible gross weight up to 3,5 tons.

The telescope consists of three segments of boom with the drive actuator (hidden inside in order to protect its components). Sliding parts of the telescope are carried on the blocks not requiring lubrication (made of PTFE). The construction of mounting of sliding blocks allows tightening several times during operation, before replacement is required. Exchange of all the blocks can be performed without removing elements of the telescope.

Basket (installed at the end of the aerial telescopic boom) has a hydraulic system which maintain it in vertical position. Lifting and ejecting the telescope is executed with hydraulic actuators and hydraulic motor rotating the column. Control of the aerial platform is possible both from ground lever or from the basket level (after switching on the appropriate option).

Base frame stands on 4 stabilizers. Inclined - front and vertical at the back of the car. Stabilizers are ejected by hydraulic actuators. Power supply of all actuators and motor for rotating the column will be the hydraulic power unit.

The aerial platform is designed and manufactured in conformity with the EU requirements:

  • EN 280 - Lifting platforms - Design - Calculations - Stability Criteria - Construction - Safety - Examinations and tests
  • 2006/42/EC - Machinery Directive (MD)
  • 2004/108/EC - Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • 2000/14/EC - Noise Directive (ND)

One of the chassis on which the aerial platform will be placed is a Mercedes Sprinter.

After performing the calculations of forces acting during the lifting (taking into account static forces of the masses of aerial platform elements and load in basket, dynamic forces of the movements of aerial platform, forces of wind pressure) has been designated the field of work, shown on the graph below. The calculations assumed permissible error of the frame horizontal position up to 3 degrees.

aerial platform operation range

The project is being developed. With the development, we will try to publish its short presentation. We invite you to visit this tab until you see the photos of the prototype.

telescopic aerial 03
telescopic aerial 04

Some photos of our MEWPs' below:

telescopic aerial 04
telescopic aerial 03

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