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Road-rail elevating platform - MAN TGM

Road - rail truck built on MAN TGM 18.250 chassis was designed by Machine Design Office INBIURO and built by our partner for MZK Bydgoszcz (Polish communication institution of city Bydgoszcz). The vehicle is used for maintenance and service of tram's catenary.

It has type C cabin (brigade cabin) for 6 person (5+1).

The standard road commercial vehicle have been fitted on retractable rail chassis with hydrostatic propulsion that can drive the vehicle at speed 20 km/h. The rail drive consists of 4 solid wheels machined of wear-resistant steel. Each wheel is equipped with its individual hydraulic motor. Specially designed drive axis load enables to climb on 8% of (city trams') rail inclination although such big slopes rarely exists on trains' ways. While tests in Bydgoszcz ( November 2014) our vehicle beat up highest inclination in the city on wet rails.

Wooden work platform of capacity 450 kg (for 3 people + tools, dimensions: 3,8 x 1,5 m ) is mounted on electric insulators and has folding barriers for limiting the height at transport position. Work on the platform may be provided while vehicle stands on stabilizers and while driving on tires or rail wheels with speed limited to 5 km/h.

The vehicle has telescopic arm called catenary corrector or web wire gripper for rising up and pulling aside a traction wire. On the cabin roof there is a pantograph for measuring of traction wire.

At the back of vehicle there are cabinets for tools and work equipment. In one of cabinets diesel electric generator is installed.

road rail man tgm 02
road rail man tgm 03


Drive system of the road-rail vehicle takes power from the main gearbox of the base vehicle by so called POWER TAKE OFF adaptor. The main hydraulic pum of variable displacement is driven by the power take off adaptor and supplies motors assembled directly at rail wheels. Depending on customer's requirements there can be 2 or 4 hydraulic motors installed. In case of two motors drive system we put them at the front or rear wheels depending on the wheels' vertical thrust (at more loaded wheels).

road rail man tgm 06

Wheels' drive system of this vehicle is open circuit type and the same oil tank is used for other equipment installed on vehicle. Driving speed is controlled by both engine speed and the main pump displacement volume and due to that we achieve good acceleration at small speed (vehicle starting) as well as good travel speed. The variable displacement pump provides also smooth and efective decelerating and backwards drive at the same max speed without changing main motor (and power take off) rotating direction. Using volume type drive controll we don't need throttling valves whitch would be a significant heat generation source.

Other vehicle's equipment like: rail wheels' swingarm folding cylinders, stabilizers, aerial platform arm and the catenary pulling arm are powered by separate gear type pump driven by the same power take off of the engine gearbox. Solenoid-and-manual levers' operated multi-valve manifold has been used for control of all the drives (all but wheel drive).

road rail man tgm 04
road rail man tgm 05


  • Chassis - MAN TGM 18.250
  • Permissible gross weight - 15 tons
  • Rail wheels’ gauge - 1000 mm
  • Rail axis’ gauge - 1900 mm
  • Max rail driving speed - 20 km/h
  • Work platform capacity - 450 kg (3 persons + tools)
  • Work platform floor height - 7 m
  • Work platform working height - 9 m
  • Work platform side working reach - 7,3 m
  • Catenary corrector height - 7,5 m

Our team have designed and built many road-rail vehicles intended for drive on trains' and tram's rails of gap 1435 mm and 1000 mm and we can provide chassis different rail gaps.

INBIURO team can provide bespoke design for your poduction or provide naked rail chasis for your company assembly or provide completed commercial vechicle equipped with elevating work platform, rear or front crane of various capacity and outreach tools' cabinets or any different special equipment.

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